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    The Cultural and Educational Association Ponte...nas ondas! held the 4th School Day of Traditional Galician-Portuguese Games.

    Continuing with our aim of raising awareness of the Common Galician and Portuguese Traditional Heritage and showing it to our students in the school, the Ponte...nas ondas! association organizes an annual recreational and non-competitive meeting, during a day of coexistence among Galician and Portuguese school kids.

    On October 19th, children from several schools in Galicia and Portugal met in the school Infante Felipe in Salvaterra de Miño for a day of leisure and transmission of traditional games. Many of these games are falling into disuse and it is necessary to recall and transmit to future generations how they were played and also all the associated knowledge.

    During the morning students from both riversides shared common games and experiences to learn the games' intricacies played by their parents and grandparents, which for the sake of the circumstances of modern life are falling into disuse. Thus, there was “birlos”, ‘chave”, “rá”, “truco”, “bolas” (balls), “chapas”, “zancos” (stilts), “aros” (hoops), etc.

    The activities ended with a massive simultaneous spinning top roll.

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