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Ponte...nas ondas! continues collaborating with different Brazilian entities and institutions. Since the first participation of the school Pedro II do Rio de Janeiro in 2001, Brazil is one of our preferential countries to carry out our activities. It is necessary to mention that in 2004 to celebrate the10th anniversary of Ponte...nas ondas! the Orchestra "Gente que encanta" from the Instituto Beradéro de Paraíba, visited Galiza and northern Portugal, held various activities and took over the interschool exchanges from the school Pedro II .

We also want to thank the unselfish collaboration of Brazilian artists who have been performing with Ponte...nas ondas! These are some of them: Chico César, Caetano Veloso, Daniela Mercury, Socorro Lira, Margaretha Menezes, Luanda Cozzeti (Coffee Couple), Lenine ...


Ponte...nas ondas!  has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the school Pedro II do Rio de Janeiro. Agreement that opens up new possibilities for dialogue and knowledge with this school which is leader in the Brazilian state education. Those Galician and Portuguese schools (and also from other countries) that wish to exchange activities with groups of pupils or teachers from Pedro II can contact Ponte...nas ondas! to intercede in the activity.


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