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CampUSCulturae  is a commitment from the University of Santiago de Compostela for the sake of world cultures, multicultural understanding and the promotion of the diversity and pluralism. Considering the importance of culture (especially the minorities and cultures more beset by dangers affecting their survival and continuity) seems an opportunity to protect the cultural diversity of the planet as well as offering to our language and culture the possibility of establishing processes of feedback from other linguistic and cultural codes.

Ponte...nas ondas! participates in CampUSCulturae along with these European partners:

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1 Na Feira do Livro de Bologna com CampUSCulturae Santi 2497
2 Participamos no encontro do CampUSCulturae en Lodz K12comunicacion 6843
3 Ponte no campUSCulturae Santi 5944

1 Patrimonio para o futuro

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