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Living Human Treasures of GPIH


According to UNESCO, the Living Human Treasures are individuals who possess high degree of skills and techniques necessary to create or produce certain elements of intangible cultural heritage.

The Living Human Treasures are the most outstanding testimonies of the living cultural traditions and also the creative talents of groups, communities and individuals present in the territory.

The Galician-Portuguese Intangible Heritage has several examples spread throughout the region. Ponte...nas ondas! has been recognizing and identifying these individuals and groups, who backed up the Candidature for the Galician-Portuguese Intangible Heritage at UNESCO in 2004.

In 2009 Ponte...nas ondas! dedicated the 15th edition of the Inter-school Communication Day to the HERITAGE OF LIVING HUMAN TREASURES. (colocar enlace á programación da XV edición)
Galician and Portuguese schools have developed a program where samples of these Living Human Treasures were identified and collected.

Ponte...nas ondas! claims the government recognition of these Living Human Treasures as living witnesses and members of the Galician-Portuguese cultural heritage. We demand the creation of the System of Living HumanTreasures of the Galiza-North Portugal Euroregion.

We also encourage the Galician and Portuguese society to identify these Living Human Treasures and send to our association the information and documental material certifying their knowledge and expertise on that matter.

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