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Recent editions were devoted to various fields of the Galician – Portuguese Common Intangible Heritage. The intangible heritage had, from the first Proclamation of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage in 2001 by UNESCO, a special outreach in the schools participating in the communication day.

Through the work done, both for the preparation of programs and the programs themselves, the students were discovering the common heritage between the two areas through many audiovisual samples.

And even it was implemented in live programs in which children from across the border, were asked to call and participate in the program completing riddles, proverbs, etc.. or seeking others similar in their language.

8th Edition 2002: " O patrimonio inmaterial " (Intangible heritage)

9th Edition 2003: " O mar e nós, sós " (O sea and us, alone)

10th Edition 2004: " O patrimonio vivo" (Living heritage)

11th Edition 2005: " 1 patrimonio para o futuro " (A heritage for the future)

12th Edition 2006: " Os sons da ponte " (The sounds of the brigde)

13th Edition 2007: " Na Rede do Patrimonio " (In the Heritage Net)

14th Edition 2008: " Identidade e territorio " (Identity and Territory)

15th Edition 2009: " O patrimonio dos Tesouros Vivos " (The Heritage of the Living Treasures)

16th Edition 2010: " O tesouro dos avós " (The Grand Treasures)

17th Edition 2011: " As bibliotecas vivas" (Living Books)

18th Edition 2012: "Ponte...a contar!" (Start …Telling Stories)


1 Patrimonio para o futuro

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