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In 2004, the Cultural and Educational Association Ponte…nas ondas! was invited to participate in the Partnership For Diversity forum held in the German city of Flensburg organized by EBLUL (European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages) to introduce this communication experience. The interest of this institution was motivated by the fact that the experience of Ponte...nas ondas! develops between neighboring and cross-border languages.

The EBLUL (European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages) is an independent NGO whose main objective is the defense of minority languages and cultures in the European Union and has consultative status in the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

The forum passed a resolution, unanimously, in which the general assembly of the EBLUL recognized the important work of Ponte...nas ondas!:

* Because this is an experience that contributes to the promotion of a minority language, helps to restore the culture, traditions and the Galician language and promotes cross-border cooperation.

* For developing mutual respect values between young people from two neighboring territories;

* As an example of good practices in cooperation and promotion of linguistic diversity;

* By engaging children in an educational context and promote the use of new technologies among them.

For all these reasons the general assembly of EBLUL decided to encourage other governmental and nongovernmental institutions to support and sponsor this experience.

In 2005 the Xunta de Galicia grants Ponte...nas ondas! the PREMIO GALICIA DE COMUNICACIÓN (Galicia Communication Award) to the "best media work".

Also that year, 2005, the Asociación de Escritores en Lingua Galega (Galician Language Writers Association) acknowledged the work of Ponte...nas ondas! with the award "BOS E XENEROSOS".


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