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One area that joins the experience is the world of culture and arts, which is integrated in the program by means of the students themselves. Artists and writers from Galiza, Portugal and Brazil have collaborated in the different editions of the experience. Uxía, Joao Afonso, Doce Pontes, Filipa Pais, Milladoiro, Chico César, Daniela Mercury, Jose Saramago, Xosé Carlos Caneiro or Federico Mayor Zaragoza are some of the names that went through the programming of Ponte ... nas ondas!

The pipers Treixadura and the Gaiteros de Lisboa recorded together a traditional theme song common to Galicia and Portugal, as a support activity to the Candidacy of the Galician-Portuguese Intangible Heritage.

Ponte ... nas ondas! produced a record-book-dvd with Galician-Portuguese traditional songs played by students of Galician and Portuguese schools and artists from both sides. The project was called Meniños Cantores and was also presented to UNESCO as a commitment to the transmission of the intangible heritage to younger generations.

The participation of leading radio broadcasters also represented an important stimulus and reinforcement for the experience. In 1998 and 1999 the journalist Julia Otero connected live during the broadcasting day and made it known to the rest of the country. In 2000 Iñaki Gabilondo was who established several connections from his program at that moment "Hoy pot Hoy". Also that year Diamantino José did the same from the RDP-Antena 1 in Lisbon.

In 2001 it was Gemma Nierga from Barcelona, with Manu Chao in the studio greeting the audience of Ponte ... nas ondas! who build a bridge towards the study of Salvaterra de Miño. Also that year, Iñaki Pena from his Radio 3 program Trébede, performed a special issue on Ponte ... nas ondas! Also The Radio Galega joined the broadcast and did special programs in successive editions. Souto Xurxo made its "Aberto por reformas" live during programming of Ponte ... nas ondas! from Museo Verbum in Vigo.


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