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Ponte...nas ondas!

The evolution

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Ponte ... nas ondas! underwent a major evolution since its inception. New technologies were gradually giving way, and today the Internet is a medium that allows this experience to come close to places that a few years ago it was unthinkable to come. The broadcast television signal on the Internet by UVIGO (Television of the University of Vigo) gives the experience a multimedia approach in which the audiovisual acquires the leading role since it allows a longer follow-up in schools through the Web.

On the broadcasting day, messages from people following the issue around the world are received through Internet; it works as well the e-mail, the chat to chat live during the day and the forum to post messages about the issued programs.

In the eighth edition we were able to communicate through a video conference between the school radio studio installed in the Casa de la Cultura in Salvaterra de Miño, Maputo and Rio de Janeiro.

In addition, it was possible to perform the live broadcast from seven studies of radio: six professionals (local stations) and the school studio established in the Casa de la Cultura in Salvaterra de Miño.

The media: radio, television and newspapers, have cooperated with the experience publicizing it. Another major step was the inclusion of university students which made possible to increment the emission to 24 hours. Thus the educative cycle of Ponte ... nas ondas! was completed, cycle which ranges from 3-year-old to university students.



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