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The candidacy

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 Since 2001 the Association Ponte...nas ondas! promoted the submission to UNESCO the CANDIDACY of THE GALICIAN-PORTUGUESE INTANGIBLE HERITAGE, an initiative aimed at the international recognition of this heritage.

In 2004, Spain and Portugal support the candidacy and submit it to UNESCO. It was the first multinational candidacy promoted by schools in two countries. Thus ended a long way of achievement and full recognition to the work of Ponte...nas ondas! (+ Info: www.opatrimonio.org).

The Xunta de Galicia recognized this work in 2005 with the award Premio Galicia de Comunicación a la "Mejor iniciativa en el campo de la comunicación" (Galicia Communication Award to the "Best media work")


The same year, the Asociación de Escritores en Lingua Galega (Galician Language Writers Association) acknowledged the work of Ponte...nas ondas! with the award "Bos e Xenerosos".


1 Patrimonio para o futuro

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