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Ponte...nas ondas!

The process

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The basic operation of Ponte ... nas ondas! evolved in each issue although the working plan of the teachers remains in substance. It all starts with the beginning of the school year: representative teachers of that edition participating schools held meetings to decide the central issue to be proposed to the participants and the first steps to take. Then comes the work with students in the schools: encouraging them to participate in the school radio or in the development of an audiovisual program.

In each edition there is a general topic and the entire schedule revolves around it. All the participating institutions work on it during the course.

For the broadcasting day it is necessary to have a very clear program schedule with the schools, the hour of transmission, the title of each program, hours that are expected to establish direct connections, etc. Keep in mind that some editions held connections between 7 radio studios on both sides of the Galician-Portuguese border.

In addition to programs, and throughout the day, we offer contests and different forms of participation with other media.

In recent editions we bet on audiovisual content and this format is combined with audio recordings only. The ability to listen and view the programming on demand is another option developed in previous editions thanks to the collaboration of UVIGO-TV, University of Vigo.


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