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Ponte...nas ondas!

What is it?

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PONTE...NAS ONDAS! is an educational experience that has been developing since 1995 thanks to the cooperation between primary and secondary schools in Galicia (Spain) and northern Portugal, with the participation of other schools in various countries.

It began with the broadcasting of 12 hours of radio programming carried out entirely by Galician and Portuguese students. From the year 2003 reached 24 hours of broadcast with programs produced by more than 50 schools. Primary, secondary, and (from the ninth edition) university students, broadcast radio programs (in the latest editions also Internet television) developed by themselves, live and in different formats: contests, variety shows, music, interviews, live connections between different studies, etc.

Although at first, Galician and Portuguese were the common languages of the program, after the participation of school centers in Argentina, Cuba, Chile and Colombia, Castilian was also incorporated into the experience. During the broadcasting session, children of all participating countries follow the program and actively participate in it.

The trigger that started this venture was the opening of an architectural bridge between the towns of Salvaterra de Miño (Spain) and Monçao (Portugal). A group of 16 schools from both Galicia and northern Portugal decided to build a bridge of communication through the radio. That year the commercial radio stations Ecos da Raia of Monçao (Portugal) and a provisional set in the House of Culture in Salvaterra de Miño (Spain), were used. The boys and girls participant lived with much excitement that first day experimental cross-border radio broadcast and the success attained led to the experience continuity.


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