Ponte… nas Ondas! celebrates the World Radio Day by accepting the proposal of UNESCO, ratified in January 2013 by the General Assembly of the UN.

Ponte… nas Ondas! promoted in due course the School Radios Manifesto that was disclosed on 13th February 2014 on the occasion of the World Radio Day. The manifesto, supported by school radios of Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Brazil, and Chile, reclaimed a broadcast channel and a support for these initiatives of communication that promote the participation of young people.

In 2015, UNESCO dedicated the celebration of this World Radio Day to the young people and to the radio. In addition, UNESCO promoted a series of actions destined to highlight the participation of young people on the radio.

Ponte… nas Ondas! promotes the employment of radio at schools as a powerful pedagogical tool so that the student body will develop their oral and communicative skills.

Ponte… nas Ondas! was the first association to prove the communicative possibilities of School Radio, both in Elementary, and Secondary or even in the University, by making a transverse and supporting axis where all the areas of education converge and by completing, on an effective way, the work done inside the classrooms.

Radio is the way of orality, the way that contribute the most to improve the oral and communicative competence. It’s fundamental that young people develop these abilities at school, in the media and in social networks.

The commemoration of World Radio Day is a good opportunity for Ponte… nas Ondas! to invite educative centres of the Euroregion to participate in this party of radio communication. This day coincide with the Carnival, one of the most representative manifestations of the Galician-Portuguese intangible heritage. Carnival has been worked through the airwaves by the schools of the Euroregion.

The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, declared:

“Young women and men are not represented in the media, and this exclusion often reflects a social, economic or democratic exclusion. Young producers or broadcasters are still rare. Too few programs are devoted to or designed by young people. This deficit explains the many stereotypes concerning young people circulating in the media and over the airwaves. Radio provides the means for change. It’s a vector of cohesion, education and culture.”

Día Mundial da Radio 2023: Unha xornada radiofónica por todo o territorio

Ponte...nas ondas! presentou unha xornada de comunicación para o próximo día 13 de febreiro, Día Mundial da Radio, que terá a radio como protagonista, en todas as súas modalidades.

Ponte…nas Ondas! convida os centros educativos a sumárense ao Día Mundial da Radio o 13 de febreiro

'Novo Mundo, Nova Radio', é a proposta feita pola UNESCO para esta X celebración do DÍA MUNDIAL DA RADIO en 2021.

Ponte…nas Ondas! celebra a diversidade

Convida ás escolas a sumárense á celebración do Día Mundial da Radio que a UNESCO promove en todo mundo o 13 de febreiro e tamén á celebración do 25 aniversario de Ponte...nas ondas! o 27 de marzo.

Este 21 de febreiro temos xornada especial en directo!

Desde o IES de Breamo de Pontedeume e a Radio Afifense de Caminha.

Trabalho de equipa, ‘fair play’, igualdade no desporto: neste Dia Mundial da Rádio, mobilizemo-nos!

Mensaxe da Directora Xeral da UNESCO Audrey Azoulay, por ocasión do Día Mundial da Radio no 13 de febreiro de 2018

Ponte… nas Ondas! convida todas as escolas a participar na celebração do Dia Mundial da Rádio

Participa connosco! PONTE...NAS ONDAS! Convida todas as escolas a participar na celebração do DIA MUNDIAL DA...

A radio es ti! Participa con nós no Día Mundial da Radio!

O vindeiro 13 de febreiro celébrase o Día Mundial da Radio e Ponte...nas Ondas! estrea o seu portal Escolas nas Ondas, o primeiro espazo para difundir e espallar os podcasts e os programas das escolas galegas e portuguesas e de todo o ámbito da lusofonía.

Convocatoria – Día Mundial da Radio

A Asociación Cultural e Pedagóxica Ponte…nas ondas! convoca aos centros educativos galegos e portugueses de calquera outra procedencia, a participar no Día Mundial da Radio o vindeiro 13 de febreiro de 2016.