Institutional declaration of the Ombudsman in support of Ponte… nas ondas!

Institutional statement of support from Valedora do Pobo (Galicia), Maria Dolores Fernández Galiño.

The Galician-Portuguese student body of the “Miñota stripe” is a living example of coexistence and constancy to maintain and grow the intangible legacy of common culture. Here is your encouragement to continue working on the culture of peace, the defense of the intangible heritage that is the language, the customs, the traditions… and to promote their identification by all of society through the dissemination and extension of their knowledge. This is what they have been doing from the conventional and digital media, successive waves of students from both sides who valued the shared heritage and bet on intergenerational involvement in its conservation and strengthening.

Borders respond to administrative and political decisions. Overcoming them is, however, the result of recognizing the coincidences that fraternize and unite us. This is how UNESCO accredited it seven years ago when it considered Ponte…nas Ondas! as the only Galician non-governmental organization consulting for Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Here are some of the most notable reasons why the institution of the Ombudsman believes in this proposal that was born twenty-seven years ago. Reasons for which we express our gratitude for their willingness to care for and project into the future our shared intangible cultural heritage.

Then, Ponte…nas Ondas! deserves to appear in the Register of Good Practices for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (PCI) of Unesco.

Santiago de Compostela, november 2022

Institutional statement of support (.pdf)



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