PNO inscription approved in the register of good practices with Intangible Cultural Heritage from UNESCO

• The XVII UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee, which is being held this year in Rabat, approved this Thursday, December 1, the joint proposal of Galicia and Portugal
• UNESCO congratulates the States parties for an initiative “that emphasizes the participation of communities in the safeguarding of shared intangible cultural heritage.”
• UNESCO also highlights that Ponte…nas Ondas! could serve as an international model applicable in other geographical areas.

“Twenty-seven years ago we began the construction of a communication bridge between the educational centers on both sides of the Galician border in Spain and Portugal. With our activities we give a voice to young people at all educational levels, from pre-school to university, using Intangible Cultural Heritage as a tool for heritage education, understanding and intercultural dialogue”, highlighted Santiago Veloso, president of the Association Cultural and Socio-pedagogical Ponte…nas Ondas! in his speech this Thursday, December 1 at the 17th UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee in Rabat.

It was after the Committee will confirm the approval of the entry of PNO! for registration in UNESCO’s Register of Good Practices with Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Los expertos de la UNESCO destacan la metodología participativa de la iniciativa y destacan que “como experiencia transfronteriza, el modelo PNO! puede reproducirse para fortalecer el diálogo entre generaciones y la transmisión del patrimonio cultural inmaterial a través de las fronteras”.

Professor Esmeralda Carvalho, representative of PNO in Portugal, spoke next, highlighting that “our bridge on the waves takes on a new dimension today, and it was possible thanks to the generous efforts of all the educational communities that decided to preserve and communicate this common heritage and transmit it to the new generations”

“We invite you to get on our waves!” Carvalho emphasized.

Video of the approval event at the UNESCO meeting



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