Ibero-American Good Educational Practices Prize

In March 2013, the Spanish Ministry of Education, through its Virtual Center LEER.es, granted PONTE…NAS ONDAS! the distinction of “Seal of Good Ibero-American Practice LEER.es”, in the section of collaborative work and experiences among educational centers.

“Seal of Good Ibero-American Practice LEER.es”

The Ministry’s team congratulated PONTE…NAS ONDAS! for its work and labor that it is developing and all of the professors and students who have contributed to creating an enormous web of good practices.

The Virtual Center LEER.es, dedicated to reading as a tool of knowledge and learning, decided to give out the stamp of “Good Ibero-American Practice LEER.es” in order to recognize the teaching proposals of all of the Latin American area that contributes, in its respective official languages, employing TICs as an indispensable tool and the Web for its spread. According to this, the experiences carried out in whichever area of learning that integrate all of literacies (reading, digital, media) through a variety of texts in different formats (print, digital, and audiovisual) are evaluated.

For the concession of the seal, the commission took into account:

The quality of the experience related to the development of competency in linguistic communication.

The contribution of development of reading and writing in order to understand, interpret and evaluate texts in various formats employing TICs and the Web as tools of learning and diffusion.

The quality of the experience in its originality and creativity, upon exploring innovative focuses adequate for the context in which it is developed, and transferable to other spheres and countries of the Ibero-American community.