PNO! promotes the creation of a reference center for Galician-Portuguese intangible heritage

• The association signs a memorandum of collaboration with the Câmara Municipal de Valença and the European Group for Territorial Cooperation of the Rio Minho (AECT Rio Minho)
• After PNO! being chosen within the LIVHES-SUDOE program as a representative good practice experience of the Euroregion, this is a first step towards the creation of the Galician-Portuguese Intangible Heritage Center.

The association’s search for a physical space with functions as a Cross-Border Intangible Cultural Heritage Center is closer after the agreement signed this week within the scope of the Livhes-Sudoe project.

En el marco de este Proyecto Livhes, cofinanciado por el programa Interreg.Sudoe 2014-2020, la Câmara Municipal de Valença, la Agrupación Europea de Cooperación Territorial del Rio Minho (AECT Rio Minho) y la Asociación Cultural y Pedagógica Ponte…nas Ondas! ha firmado un protocolo de colaboración para el desarrollo de acciones para la conservación del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial (PCI).

Within the framework of this Livhes Project, co-financed by the Interreg.Sudoe 2014-2020 program, the Câmara Municipal de Valença, the European Group for Territorial Cooperation of the Rio Minho (AECT Rio Minho) and the Cultural and Pedagogical Association Ponte…nas Ondas! have signed a collaboration protocol for the development of actions for the conservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (PCI).

PNO! proposed a space with functions of cultural repository, destined to Galician-Portuguese intangible cultural heritage called Heritage Center – PCI Center. The objective is to create a living space, beyond a traditional museum, with exhibitions, projections, conferences, etc.



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