A common theme: cultural heritage

The interscholastic communication conference has been, throughout PONTE…NAS ONDAS!’s history, the event with the most participation and notoriety. During the 20 editions of the interscholastic communication conference, around a thousand educational centers in Portugal and Spain have participated, along with others from America and Africa.

In the most recent editions of this conference, always preceded by intense footwork in the classroom, the theme has focused on various parts of Galician-Portuguese Intangible Cultural Heritage. Intangible cultural heritage has had, since the first proclamation of the Master Works of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2001 by UNESCO, special disclosure in educational centers participating in the communication conference.

All this experience with cultural heritage in its moment opened new lines of work

Via the work unfolded for the preparation of the programs, as well as in its broadcast, students have been discovering the common cultural heritage between the two territories, the evidence having been laid out in the contents of many audiovisual programs through the direct participation of many boys and girls on both sides of the Miño River. It was also carried out in practice in live programs where children on the other side of the border were asked to call in live to complete riddles, refrains, etc. or to look for similar ones in their own language.

All this experience with cultural heritage in its moment opened new lines of work for the Association and give rise to the presentation of a Multinational Candidacy of Intangible Cultural Heritage to UNESCO.

These were the themes dealt with in these interscholastic conferences throughout the 20 first years of the association’s history:

  • 1st Edition 1995: Inauguration of the Salvaterra Monção bridge: What are you going to do to improve the relationship between the two communities?
  • 2nd Edition 1996: What do you know about the other side of the Miño River?
  • 3rd Edition 1997: What have you learned about Salvaterra for PONTE…NAS ONDAS! ?
  • 4th Edition 1998: What have you learned about Monção for PONTE…NAS ONDAS! ?
  • 5th Edition 1999: What have you learned about Melgaço and Arbo for PONTE…NAS ONDAS! ?
  • 6th Edition 2000: What have you learned about Valença and Tui for PONTE…NAS ONDAS! ?
  • 7th Edition 2001: The slave route
  • 8th Edition 2002: Intangible cultural heritage
  • 9th Edition 2003: The sea and us, alone
  • 10th Edition 2004: Living cultural heritage
  • 11th Edition 2005: 1 cultural heritage for the future
  • 12th Edition 2006: The sounds of the bridge
  • 13th Edition 2007: In the network of cultural heritage
  • 14th Edition 2008: Identity and territory
  • 15th Edition 2009: Cultural heritage of Living Masterpieces
  • 16th Edition 2010: The treasures of grandparents
  • 17th Edition 2011: Living libraries
  • 18th Edition 2012: Get ready…to tell!
  • 19th Edition 2013: Get ready…to play!
  • 20th Edition 2014: I saw you…on the bridge